When i found out there was going to be a Music Hack Day in Sydney this year (2012), i made sure i could go. I had the luck and pleasure of attending Berlin’s Music Hack Day last year and i was completely blown away by both the talent and dedication of so many developer’s. Although there’s a focus on web development, there is scope to do almost anything relating to hacking and music. And you have about 24 hours to do it in.

For Sydney’s Music Hack Day i wanted to do something new. I had promised myself earlier in the year to learn a new language. After some reading i decided on python. I installed and off i went. And it was one of the best learning experiences this year. I now use python all the time in my development. I even use it to test out some maths code out before committing to it in c code.

The result of my hack was pretty simple. Just a script. But what a scream. Literally. The basic premise was to scrape audio from and sort the sounds out according to different sound qualities. There’s a more in-depth article written here.