m-ball (2017 - ) Interactive Design

m-ball is a free-play, interactive musical instrument for both children and adults. Presented as a ball and accompanied by artists, participants are invited to interact and play m-ball together to create evolving soundscapes.

m-ball’s focus is on cooperative music making. Designed as an accessible musical instrument, m-ball is a soft, colourful ball with wireless motion sensors hidden inside, which transmit data triggered by the movement of the ball. This motion sensor data, created by participants, is translated into music by custom-designed software in real time, before being amplified by the surrounding sound system for audiences. As it is able to be played by many at the same time, m-ball encourages participants to explore, discover, observe and share in the relationships between movement, music and sound.

m-ball prototype from soh_la on Vimeo.


The next development of this work will include developing multi-sensors and developing a more complex and dynamic music generating system.

m-ball has received funding from Darebin through the Arts Partnership Initiative Program.

tome (2018 - ) Interactive Design

Tome is an interactive, sound-based installation designed specifically for children and their grownups. Appearing as a field of strange, glowing, spherical objects strewn across the foyer floor, participants are invited to create sound and light using proximity of hands and body to the installed objects. Real-time compositions are generated while responsive splashes of colour are illuminated within each sphere. Inspired by the joy of making music with others, this cooperative musical instrument encourages participants to explore and share the possibilities of creating immersive musical worlds together.

tome from soh_la on Vimeo.

Tome goes hand-in-hand with a program of participatory, artist-led workshops. Each workshop is an oppurtunity for young audeinces to explore the musical possibilities more deeply, working together to create small performances using this unlikely ‘instrument’.

Sound Narrative (2017 - ) Software Design & Sound Design

Inspired by a creative development working with Insight Education Centre for the Blind, Dinjerra Primary School with Polyglot, this exciting project will be further developed. A number of test prototypes have already been used and explored. Stay tuned to this new and exciting interactive story telling project.