this site. thanks hexo.

I finally had a moment to update my site. As any old school developer would do, i wanted to redesign and have a better website building tool. After searching i found hexo. And i am very happy with the choice i made, now that i have everything up and running. I had a few key requirements needed

  • all posts and web pages to be sourced from text files in markdown
  • easy deployment (such as github pages)
  • access to structure of the site generated as well as including javascript code easily

Hexo uses node.js to build, manage tools, generators and plugins. It also uses a great layout engine using Pug - formerly know as Jade. I’m not a front-end developer, but i’m learning web-development, and this framework is a treat, structuring and designing this site, using simple layout code and some custom css.

The biggest win using hexo, despite all the smarts of how it generates this site, hexo makes me focus on the most important thing : content. So no more excuses for me to post here.