bounce (2017 - ) Software Design & Sound Design

bounce is a simple, free play, group of interactive balls. Placed within a space various size balls await for anyone to discover and explore. With hidden wireless technology inside each ball and data from sensors sent to a master computer, both sound and video projection fill the space.

The balls movement is used to manipulate the entire space. Simple use of colour and sound explores the relationship between the ball and the space it is in. The audience moves the balls thus controlling their environment.

As each ball is moved, hit, bounced, thrown, the room responds. Sometimes in consort, sometimes as a call/response. The responses are always different, always changing and always personal.

Using known technologies and real-time visual and audio systems, the work explores the use of sensor data to create a playful outcome. Technology used includes: Open Sound Control over Wifi, Supercollider, Processing and Apple iOS Frameworks for the iPhone platform.



Sound Narrative (2017 - ) Software Design & Sound Design

Inspired by a creative development working with Insight Education Centre for the Blind, Dinjerra Primary School with Polyglot, this exciting project will be further developed. A number of test prototypes have already been used and explored. Stay tuned to this new and exciting interactive story telling project.