polyphonic synth for ipad

Features :

Control Surface :

This elegant and responsive control surface is used to play the polyphonic synth. Using a simple design, the user can use 1 hand (5 or less fingers) to play the synth while with the other hand, control the synth by picking between Presets, Scope, Scale or Parameters panel. Working in both landscape and portrait modes, with the x-axis assigned to pitch and y-axis as user assigned.

Scope :

Scope allows the user to control the root note, octave, number of octaves (range), micro tune and portamento.

Scale :

With this panel the user can either select a Scale from a list of preset scales or make their own. When the Patch is saved, unique Scales are automatically added to the scale preset list.

Parameters :

This panel exposes the synth parameters available for editing and assigning to the y-axis. These include a selection of wave types for both the source oscillator and LFO, volume, delay time and feedback, LFO destination (amp or frequency), LFO frequency and LFO amplitude. The user can also assign the y-axis of the control surface to control one of these parameters (except for LFO destination).


This panel allows the user to turn the audio engine on/off and set MIDI controls. Y-axis can be set to send MIDI velocity messages or MIDI Modulation Controller messages.

Record / Play :

Make recordings and playback performances. Sound files are saved as .wav files and accessible through iTunes file sharing. Recordings can also be sent via email as an attachment.

Audiobus :

Synthmate supports Audiobus as an input app. See for more information.