(sonic orbs, playball, ballplay, vonixorbz )

Software Design | Sound Design | Video Design | Installation

bounce is a simple, free play, interactive space for both children and adults.

Within the interactive space, there are a number of varied size balls, ranging from a soccer ball to a large beach ball. The audience are invited to play with the balls, rolling, hitting, throwing, bouncing, while discovering the ability to change their environment that they are in. Sound and visual elements are projected into the space through interactions with the balls. As the play is projected into the space, each ball acts as a musical and visual instrument, encouraging interactions through variation and development of simple musical and visual elements. As the interactions develop, so do these elements and the balls individually and collectively move and react to the play. This interactive space is not just for children but anyone who loves playing with a ball. And through play, the space around it is owned by that play. This work is about creating a space that is owned by it’s audience literally and in doing so gives them a feeling of both empowerment and delight.

The technical magic behind this work uses wireless sensor technology and real-time musical and visual engines to produce a reactive and dynamic work. It has been developed through explorations and experiments with data produced by sensors and the data sent to a master computer for real-time processing and content creation. With an explosion within the IoT (internet of things) space, mostly due to the ever increasing number and lowering costs of small computing devices and sensor modules, inventors along with artists have a wealth of new possibilities to explore and discover. Along with communication protocols between devices becoming standard, it has become increasingly easy and affordable to prototype ideas.

Further details :

  • the work itself is driven by the audience and thus can be programmed to run for any length of time. suggested programming would be several 2 hour sessions per day.

  • the number of balls would be determined by the size of space. around 1 ball per 6-8 square meters.

  • the sound is projected via loud speakers positioned to fill the space.

  • the video is projected via projectors positioned to fill the space.

  • the work requires one technical operator for support and control of the work.

Prototype 1 :

This first prototype is a proof of concept in regards to technology, specifically gathering all the sensor data of an Apple iTouch, transmitting data using WIFI, processing, logging and analysis of the data and visual representation of the analysis.

Sensors : taking accelerometer and gyroscope sensor data, a simple iOS App transmits this data over WIFI using the OSC protocol.

Analysis App : developed with Supercollider, data is received and processed. This custom software is the beginning of a development tool for this project, helping to analyse and debug. It has been developed to prototype rapidly with different algorithms, gesture recognition, while also logging data.

Demo : a basic example of all the parts working. A very simple playback system has been used to produce sound. Much further development will need to be done with regards to ‘making’ music and video.